I'm tired of feeling like
I'm fucking crazy

An artist of some sort from Finland who loves his pixel men.

Contains occasional straight-as-a-fucking-rainbow NSFW posts.

I dunno, Adewale climbing palm trees for fun?

Random number generator wanted me to draw Ellie, so Ellie I drew.

You people can have Arno, I’ll take Pierre, thank you very much.

Valiant Hearts is amazing and Emile is so cute I want to smooch his face.

Why am I having so much trouble nailing down Ulfric’s looks. Seriously. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Here’s some Ralof because he’s a cutieface.

I went through so much pain and despair with this and in the end it doesn’t even look that much like him and it feels off and I don’t know how to fix it. Shit happens.

Oh. Uh. Hi.

Dat ass.

Silver fox Adewale is definitely part of my interests.

Nobody said that fierce warriors shouldn’t like flowers!

Adewale things out of boredom.

After a long day under the burning Turkish sun. They end up “winding down” in Yusuf’s chambers.

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