I don't blame you
Who would wanna be around me

An artist of some sort from Finland who loves his pixel men.

Contains occasional straight-as-a-fucking-rainbow NSFW posts.

Oh. Uh. Hi.

Dat ass.

Silver fox Adewale is definitely part of my interests.

Nobody said that fierce warriors shouldn’t like flowers!

Adewale things out of boredom.

After a long day under the burning Turkish sun. They end up “winding down” in Yusuf’s chambers.

Alright Mr Showoff that is quite en— on second thought keep doing what you’re doing.

Ready for whatever fun you have in mind.

For the fellow perverts out there, NSFW version is right here.

Someone finally got around to playing Dishonored.

Like an animal tonight.

Giving the white tulips to Yusuf instead.

The older Ezio gets, the fluffier he is. By 70 he’ll have an absurd amount of soft fluffy hair.

Shay seems pretty cool and I’m interested in Rogue.

He better stay the fuck away from my babies though or I’ll set him on fire.

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